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E84: Transitioning Away From a Busy Season with Merina+Co’s Tonya Moffitt

by Sean Boyce

Managing Partner at CPA firm Merina+Co Tonya Moffitt joins me to discuss how she transitioned away from having a busy season, the value of offering staff four ten-hour days, and how to attract high-quality staff to your firm.

Tonya Moffitt is the Managing Partner of Merina+Co where she performs and manages governmental audits. The firm prides itself in offering long-term careers, low turnover, and advancement opportunities with Tonya starting there as an intern and becoming a Partner by 31.
Tonya’s main passion is teaching and mentoring professionals on technical and soft skills. She wants to encourage others to build new competencies to create their own legacy, both professionally and personally. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Accounting Automation:
  • How Tonya stopped having a busy season in her firm.
  • The value of having a mission statement that your team really believes in.
  • How staff responded to Tonya ending municipal audits and pivoting towards 100% advisory and consultancy work.
  • The financial outcome of a firm focusing solely on advisory and consultancy work.
  • The benefits of letting staff work four ten-hour days and why Tonya’s firm offers staff a one-month sabbatical.
  • The importance of soft skills and having team members with leadership skills.
  • How to attract high-quality staff to your firm.
  • The impact Merina+Co is having on communities.
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  • 1:07 – “Leaders in Government right now face more challenges than ever, they have less funds and less time. So we’re passionate about understanding their unique needs, and helping them overcome these challenges and move forward.”
  • 17:24 – “Our team member’s attitudes have changed because they know that we actually care about them. I can stand up on my soapbox and say I care about you we’re like a family but our actions are also mimicking that.”