Are Hiring and Technology Keeping Your Firm From Scaling?

You want to grow your firm, but you need a more efficient way to do it. Growing by hiring was already slow and expensive but now it’s even less attractive. Onboarding, training and retaining people is expensive and time consuming. You’re convinced there must be a better way to scale your business, but so far you’ve come up empty.

You know your firm can do better when it comes to technology. Automation and technology are making big waves in your industry, but you feel that your firm has yet to benefit from this potential. You’re excited by the possibilities, but they can be intimidating and finding help from someone that speaks English has always been difficult.

If your firm is going to thrive, you need to figure out a way to do more with less, but how?

Imagine Knowing Exactly What To Do Next

Picture this – at your firm, hiring and technology are no longer roadblocks to growth – quite the opposite. In fact, your team is more productive than ever. The tools and resources your team has access to have made reaching the next level of growth a virtual certainty.

You’ve achieved this vision because you made the right strategic decisions at the right time. You were gridlocked before, but with the right help you now know exactly what to do to empower your firm to reach growth you never imagined.

I can help you focus on the next most important step towards realizing this vision for your firm.

Schedule A Private Session With An Expert

Get laser focused on your top problem. You need someone to help you focus on the top problem at hand. We’ll cover all of your problems and prioritize them to make sure the next step you take is the fastest way to deliver real results.

Why Should You Book A Session With Me?

Here’s How It Works

We’ll meet over Zoom. Calls typically take 60 minutes, but you should block extra time in case we go over. You are welcome to record the call to refer back to in the future.

I’ll start by understanding where your firm is today, where you want to go and how quickly you want to get there. Then we’ll cover any roadblocks to progress at your firm so I know the limitations.

By the end of our call, you’ll know exactly what you need to do next to unlock the type of growth you need at your firm.

Are You Ready To Get Your Firm Unstuck?

Are you ready to unlock the full power of automation and technology for your firm? Great! Schedule our session together by clicking the button below.

The price is $500 for the session. If you’re willing to make this investment, then I’ll know you’re serious about committing to making a real improvement at your firm.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so convinced that I can provide you with an actionable immediate next step that will be a game changer for your firm that I’m willing to offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

If by the end of our call your next step isn’t crystal clear and one that you feel will make a BIG impact at your firm, I’ll provide you with a full refund.

Have More Questions?

Not a problem! By the end of our call I guarantee you’ll have a better understanding of the concepts and tools that matter most for your firm.

Your session will be secured.  Prepare a list of everything you want to discuss and we’ll work through your entire list during our session.

No. This call is one on one. You are welcome to record our conversation and share it afterwards.

If you’d like to include others at your firm in our working arrangement, perhaps my technology roadmap or project advisory service would be a good fit.

No problem. Email me at and I’ll answer them.

Unsure If You Are Ready For A Strategy Session?

But I Don’t Know Anything About You!


Why hello there, my name is Sean Boyce and for as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with automation and technology. I’ve helped thousands of people and hundreds of firms master technology from hardware to software and everything in between.

I’ve automated thousands of tasks for organizations like The Vanguard Group all the way down to solo service providers. The programs I’ve helped create at financial and accounting institutions have saved thousands of labor hours and millions of dollars.


Don’t Wait The Clock Is Ticking…

Stop letting technology pass you by. If you don’t catch up now, you may not get another chance. If there’s one thing to know about technological evolution – it will never stop. Schedule your session now and catch up before it’s too late.

100% Money back guarantee – if you aren’t completely satisfied with the results, I’ll give you a full refund.

Unfortunately, There Isn’t Enough Time To Help Everyone

Technology is changing fast and most firms are way behind. As such, demand for these calls is high and they frequently book out in advance. If it’s currently available, I’d encourage you to jump on it because it might not be tomorrow.


Is hiring harder and more expensive than ever?

Bottleneck Buster is a free 5-day email course where you’ll learn step-by-step:

  1. How to identify where your firm is wasting time
  2. How to reclaim the time your employees are wasting
  3. Where to reinvest the time to maximize impact

Net result?

You will unlock greater profitability without having to hire a single employee.