Does Your Firm Need To Do
More With Less?

I help finance and accounting firms scale beyond $10MM without needing to hire.

Is Your Team Overwhelmed With Busy Work?

You want to bring in new business, but your team is overloaded with the work you already have. You need to increase the leverage of your team.

Is Your Firm Lacking When It Comes To Technology?

Your team needs better tools and resources. Eliminate the busy work so your firm can scale.

Are These Problems Making It Impossible To Grow?

The spiral is real and you can feel it.  You don’t have enough people which means your smaller team now needs to do even more, you’re asking yourself where does it end?

You Need A Better Way To Solve These Problems

Stop thinking small.  I can grow your firm’s profit exponentially and without adding any additional headcount.

Your firm can do WAY more than you think with the team you already have. 

I can take the pressure off your team so they are healthier, happier and performing better than ever.

Hi, I’m Sean and I’m a strategy, automation and technology expert for finance and accounting firms in growth mode.

Does This Sound Like You?

Finance or accounting firm hoping to scale to $10MM+

Team size of 20+

Experiencing annual revenue growth

Tired of only being able to grow through hiring

Good, then you’re in the right place.  Pick the right option for you from the section below so we can get started.

Here’s How I Help


Is hiring or technology a bottleneck to scaling your firm?

What if your firm’s growth didn’t need to depend on hiring?

In our session I’ll explain how your firm can do more with less.


Does your firm lack vision when it comes to technology?

Do you lack a plan of action and way to actually get there?

I can build a roadmap to get your firm to where it needs to be.


Is your firm ready to make BIG, expensive upgrades to your tech?

Does your team lack someone who’s been there and done that?

I’ll ensure that implementation is done correctly.

Unsure Which Option Is Right For Your Firm?


Is hiring harder and more expensive than ever?

Bottleneck Buster is a free 5-day email course where you’ll learn step-by-step:

  1. How to identify where your firm is wasting time
  2. How to reclaim the time your employees are wasting
  3. Where to reinvest the time to maximize impact

Net result?

You will unlock greater profitability without having to hire a single employee.