Is Your Technology Preventing Your Firm from Scaling?

Your firm needs to grow, but your team is at capacity. You know hiring more people is slow, time consuming and expensive, but it’s the only way you know how to grow. Your team is bogged down by busy work and you can only run them so hard until they burn out.

You know your firm can do better when it comes to technology. Automation and technology are making big waves in your industry, but you feel that your firm has yet to benefit from this potential. You want to upgrade your tools so you can increase the leverage of your team and realize this future vision for your firm.

You need direction to get your firm from where it is today to the ideal future state so you can scale, but how?

Imagine Your Firm Leading The Industry

Picture this – at your firm, hiring is no longer the bottleneck to growth…and it never will be again.  Your firm has unlocked the key to seemingly unlimited growth through automation and technology.  You can now truly do more with less.  You’ve watched the team you already have transform into a stronger, leaner machine that is passing the competition by like they’re standing still.

Workloads are lighter, people are happier and somehow your firm is getting WAY more work done than you ever thought possible.  Due to the incredible efficiency boost, your firm is racking up record profits and on a growth trajectory that makes larger firms insanely jealous.

I can build your firm a roadmap from where you are today to this new reality.

Get Your Firm Up To Speed Quickly

Schedule a series of one on one sessions with an expert that lives technology AND knows your industry inside and out.

Over the course of each call, I will work closely with the members of your team that are responsible for critical functions from client acceptance to service delivery so I can understand everything about your firm’s current capabilities regarding technology.

Next, I’ll identify where your firm needs to be to compete with the top firms in your industry. Then, I’ll build a customized plan to get your firm from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time.

Following your custom roadmap will transform your firm from growing big and clumsy to lean and mean.

Why Should You Buy A Technology Roadmap From Me?

Here’s How It Works

I’ll meet with each of the key members of your team over Zoom. Each call will take between 30-60 minutes, but we’ll have extra time to go over if necessary. You are welcome to record the calls to refer back to in the future.

Your Roadmap Will Provide Answers To The Following Questions:

Your roadmap will be organized into a phased-based implementation plan so you can prioritize according to your available resources and budget.

Your plan will have numerous recommendations about improvements your firm can make. You will start receiving value immediately upon implementing the first step in your customized roadmap.

Are You Ready To Turn Technology Into A Strength For Your Firm?

Are you ready to stop worrying about technology and start getting excited about being able to do more with less? Great! Apply now to have your firm accepted into my roadmapping program.

The price is $5k. Implementing the roadmap is guaranteed to provide your firm with a return of at least triple that figure.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so convinced that your technology roadmap will deliver great results for your firm that I’m willing to offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you don’t feel as though your roadmap will provide your firm with at least a 3X return on your investment, I will provide you with a full refund.

Have More Questions?

No problem! By the end of our first call I guarantee your team will have a better understanding of the concepts and tools that matter most for your firm.

Your project will be secured.  Organize any additional members of your team that you’d like to have join you for the kick-off session.  I answer all of your questions and describe the next steps during our session.

For the kick-off call, yes. However, it will be important for me to be able to meet with your team members one-on-one as well as occasionally in a group setting.

No problem. Email me at and I’ll answer them.

Unsure If Your Firm Needs A Technology Roadmap?

I Don’t Know Anything About You!


Why hello there, my name is Sean Boyce and for as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with automation and technology. I’ve helped thousands of people and hundreds of firms master technology from hardware to software and everything in between.

I’ve automated thousands of tasks for organizations like The Vanguard Group all the way down to solo service providers. The programs I’ve helped create at financial and accounting institutions have saved thousands of labor hours and millions of dollars.


Stop Fighting Technology

Stop letting technology pass you by. If you don’t catch up now, you may not get another chance. If there’s one thing to know about technological evolution – it will never stop. Schedule your session now and catch up before it’s too late.

100% Money back guarantee – if you don’t feel your firm won’t receive at least a 3X return on investment from implementing your roadmap, I will refund your payment in full.

Unfortunately, There Isn’t Enough Time To Help Everyone

Technology is changing fast and most firms are way behind. As such, demand for my roadmapping service is high and they frequently book out far in advance. If it’s currently available, I’d encourage you to jump on it because it might not be tomorrow.


Is hiring harder and more expensive than ever?

Bottleneck Buster is a free 5-day email course where you’ll learn step-by-step:

  1. How to identify where your firm is wasting time
  2. How to reclaim the time your employees are wasting
  3. Where to reinvest the time to maximize impact

Net result?

You will unlock greater profitability without having to hire a single employee.