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E83: How to Evaluate Applications and Tech with Aiwyn’s Pat Morrell

by Sean Boyce

Chief Revenue Officer at Aiwyn Pat Morrell joins me to discuss the new automation capabilities of Aiwyn, how it can help firms save time in their accounting practices, and how we can evaluate the usefulness of new applications and tech.

Pat Morrell is a tech entrepreneur and leader, and the CRO at Aiwyn where they create practical, innovative solutions that drive real, measurable ROI for firms, and help them create superior experiences for their people and clients. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Accounting Automation:
  • The challenges and rewards in working with a startup.
  • The advanced automation techniques and concepts that Aiwyn is capable of.
  • How Aiwyn helps create an easier and faster work-to-cash cycle.
  • The benefits CFOs and other staff get from Aiwyn’s automation capabilities.
  • The insights you can gain from leveraging Aiwyn.
  • How to best use data to fuel growth.
  • Ways to evaluate the usefulness of new applications and tech.
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  • 10:43 – “What would otherwise take 2 days to match a credit card to practice management ledger, we’re doing that in one click.”
  • 26:16 – “Any kind of automation needs to correlate to a clear business value outcome. Again, so a million things we could all do, what are the things we should do.”