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E21: Leveraging Technology with Bill Haase

by Sean Boyce

Retirement strategist and financial literacy expert Bill Haase joins me to discuss the future of technology, how we can leverage it in our favor, and the importance of using specialists.

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Bill Haase is a retirement strategist, radio host, and expert in financial literacy who has been working in finance for over 35 years.
Bill focuses on providing financial literacy and planning for individuals and business owners so they can meet their aims and goals. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Accounting Automation:
  • How technology and innovation has changed over time
  • The legitimacy of concerns around advancing tech and AI.
  • How to best leverage technology.
  • What causes businesses to implement the wrong types of software or technology.
  • The importance of using specialists in areas that aren’t your expertise.
  • Problems corporations create for themselves.
  • How Bill helps business owners with their financial literacy.
  • The growing business of e-learning.
  • The need there is for young people to have a proper financial education.
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  • 04:42 – “Technology isn’t there to replace people it’s there to provide them opportunities to enhance their careers, to go out in more areas and be able to use their talents and gifts.”
  • 13:54- “To start a business you only need to know two things, what are you selling and who are you selling it to.”