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E99: Getting Away From Hourly Billing with Digby Leigh

by Sean Boyce

Managing Director of Nividous Software Solutions Chris Hawn joins me to discuss their automation software that helps organizations automate repetitive tasks freeing up their staff to focus on more critical, mission focused tasks.

Digby Leigh runs his own law firm and is an expert in hourly billing and different billing models. He joins me to discuss the issues with hourly billing, how to move away from billing by the hour and how to work out your new pricing structure.

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Digby Leigh has been working in law for over 30 years and founded his current firm Digby Leigh & Co in 2005.
Digby is also an expert on hourly billing and different billing models that can be used to move away from charging clients based solely on your time spent. He’s effectively used these in his firm to improve his staff’s lives while keeping his customers happy. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Accounting Automation:
  • The positive and negative aspects of using an hourly billing model.
  • What inspired Digby to move away from billing by the hour.
  • How to transition away from billing by the hour.
  • How moving away from billable hours encourages the creation of better systems.
  • How to use data analytics to measure the effectiveness of your billing model.
  • How to work out your pricing structure.
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  • 4:48 – “These are about to be incredibly uncertain times, what better time is there for certainty for clients?”
  • 25:27 – “Pricing is a craft that you hone, it’s not something that you’re born with.”