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E131: Becoming a Change Agent for Accountants with Aprio’s Mike Maksymiw

by Sean Boyce

Change Agent and Executive Director of Aprio Firm Foundation Mike Maksymiw joins me to discuss his journey of becoming a Change Agent, the core problems in accounting, and how he helps CPA firms free up their time.

Mike Maksymiw is a Change Agent for the accounting profession and the Executive Director and Leader of Aprio Firm Foundation where he shares resources, coaching, and networking opportunities with small and midsized CPA firms.
Mike’s focus is on impacting the progress on key issues facing the profession, including women/family initiatives, DEI, work-life harmony, and value rather than time. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Accounting Automation:
  • The benefits of joining a leadership academy.
  • How Mike became a Change Agent for accountants.
  • The difference between production skills and leadership skills.
  • Ways a career coach can help you make decisions.
  • The power of networking when looking for a new job.
  • The core problems in accounting.
  • Common strategies accounting firms use to free up time.
  • How to decide which clients to focus your energy on.
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  • 18:00 – “It’s what I want to do and I know there are not a thousand of these jobs out there but I only need one. I just need one company that’s crazy enough to think the way that I do, that believes in what I believe in, that’s going to pay me to work in this area.”
  • 24:54 – “Because it’s all data driven and accountants like playing with numbers it’s not difficult to execute, it’s time intensive but it’s summer time if you want to reprioritize your client list before the next busy season now’s a really good time to get started on it.”