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E130: From CPA Employee to CPA Business Owner with Geraldine Carter

by Sean Boyce

CPA coach and Host of the Business Strategy for CPAs podcast Geraldine Carter joins me to discuss how accountants can reduce their working hours, improve their work-life balance and gain control of their work all without giving up a dime in revenue.

Geraldine Carter is a certified professional coach who specializes in helping overworked solo CPAs get their lives back without forsaking revenue.
Geraldine is the Founder of She Thinks Big Coaching and the host of the Business Strategy for CPAs Podcast. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Accounting Automation:
  • Ways the traditional accounting firm business model is broken.
  • How accountants can get away from billing by the hour.
  • The best way to raise prices as an accountant.
  • How CPA’s can transition from employee to business owner.
  • The different skills CPAs need when they become business owners.
  • How narrow a niche CPA’s should focus on.
  • The importance of specialization.
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  • 18:44 – “Narrowing feels like a straight-jacket but I can promise you that once you are in it you will see so much opportunity that you will very quickly want to continue to narrow because it makes your business easier to run.”
  • 28:44 – “They came to me as generalists, and we take them narrow narrow narrow, and the more you burrow the better it gets. But it does take something of a leap of faith, the first step is simply to take your next narrow step and then keep going.”