What’s the bottleneck?

I’m big on process.  I’m big on it because it’s a great way to make improvements quickly.

Introducing software is a real commitment in time and money.  This can slow everything down.

So if you’re interested in making a small change that can make a BIG impact then I want you to find the bottleneck in your process.

A bottleneck is a step in your process that takes the longest and has the lowest capacity.  The bottleneck slows the entire process down.

Think of it like building a vehicle on an assembly line.  If you have 3 steps to build the car then the one that takes the longest is your bottleneck.

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If you improve the performance of the slowest step not only will the whole process move faster, but you’ll be able to build more cars in less time.

So what’s the bottleneck in your process?

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