What is hyperautomation?

You may be hearing a term related to automation being used more frequently these days – hyperautomation.  I want to explain to you what it is and help you better understand the movement.

Hyperautomation is also known by another term I write about called intelligent automation.  Hyperautomation is a new generation of software-based automation technologies.  It is the foundation of the rapidly accelerating Fourth Industrial Revolution.



What’s unique about hyperautomation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution is this movement is focused on automating the processes carried out by knowledge workers.  The jobs they are doing are based around their knowledge unlike previous revolutions that were focused on automating elements of manual labor (think building an automobile).

Let’s break the key elements of hyperautomation down a bit further.


The goal of hyperautomation is to successfully achieve business outcomes through newly designed automated processes within minimal or no human intervention.

The impact and value hyperautomation promises is reduced costs, higher quality, stronger team satisfaction all while achieving greater profitability.

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The way hyperautomation promises to disrupt every knowledge-based services industry is by expanding the workforce through software-based digital workers.  These digital workers will make your human team capable of seemingly superhuman levels of productivity and efficiency once realized.


Hyperautomation promises such incredible benefits that it is a revolution the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  The technologies that power the hyperautomation revolution are recent, available 24/7, reliable and most importantly scalable.


The greatest weakness of professional services organizations when it comes to growth is that they typically don’t scale.  Hyperautomation is shattering this concept.


PS. Here’s the Gartner definition for hyperautomation, more detail on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and an excellent book on the topic written by the famous Klaus Schwab.

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