Where your firm is wasting time

Many firms don’t know the answer to the question – where is your team spending most of their time today?

I’m going to walk you through some simple steps you can take to collect this information and use it to make improvements.


The first step is to track the time your team is spending each week.

Using time tracking tools like toggl and clockify will make this easier.

Instruct your team to measure each task they work on using one of these tools for a week or two.


The second step is to create a table of the products and services you offer today.

Each distinct offering should have its own line item in the table.  A spreadsheet would be ideal here because we’re going to do some sorting in a moment.


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Once you have these, combine them.  Sort the results descending by the amount of time being spent.  You should also reflect the amount of time being spent as a percentage of the total.


Now that you have your list, you’ll know where to focus.  Next, you’ll want to take a closer look at the top 2-3 offerings.  This is where you’ll need to make changes to receive the best ROI for your firm.


Tomorrow, I’m going to talk more about taking this process a step further.


PS. Read more about time tracking tools like toggl and clockify.

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