How do you train a digital worker?

Much of the work that gets done at firms today is done by people.  Most of the work that will be done tomorrow will be completed by digital workers.

Digital workers are bots that you will be able to train similarly to how you train your team today.  Now, I can definitely understand if this sounds bizarre, but chances are that you already have experience with this process.

For example, if you have an iPhone then you’re familiar with the Apple digital assistant called Siri.  When you configure your iPhone for the first time you ‘train’ your digital worker by helping them learn your voice so that they only respond to you.

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Eventually, you’ll more than likely be training digital workers at your firm in a similar way to how you trained Siri.  Only these workers will be helping you with work related tasks.

Think about how much more productive you could be if you had a whole team of Siris working on different tasks at the same time.

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