Did you show your work?

In school teachers used to hammer us about ‘showing our work’ whenever it came to solving problems.

I understood the concept in theory.  I’m sure they thought if you only had the answer and couldn’t prove how you got it then you had probably copied or cheated, right?

However, I always wondered what if someone came up with a better or faster way to solve the same problem?  If so, shouldn’t it be worth exploring?  Doesn’t that count as learning too?

That may make sense now, but it wasn’t the popular opinion back then.

Today, we’re faced with a similar problem – on steroids.

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Artificial Intelligence is eventually going to be able to provide answers to problems possibly without being able to show how it arrived there.

So what does this mean for us?

Well for example, accounting firms have lots of requirements around ‘showing their work’ so right now having the right answer is valuable, but not enough.

To continue our progress, we’re likely going to have to re-think the process or change the requirements.

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