How AI is changing the game

When those less familiar with technology think about AI their thoughts jump to something pretty diabolical like Skynet from the movie Terminator.

Well I’m here to share with you that you can rest easy (for now) because AI or Artificial Intelligence is essentially referring to the latest that automation has to offer your industry.

Automation is an easier concept to understand because we see it everywhere.

Does your car tell you when your tire pressure or fuel is low?  How do you know when to charge your phone, it tells you right?  Well these are examples of automation technologies and they afford people like you and me all kinds of advantages.

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AI and automation are set to bring big changes to industries everywhere.  I’ll use CPA firms as an example.

Previously, audit work had to be done manually to look for numbers that didn’t add up.  Now?  That work can be automated and AI can be trained to look for certain patterns and anomalies savings tons of time and finding things that a human may have missed.

Unlike the fictitious Skynet, the roll of the human in this scenario isn’t replaced, it is augmented.   People can delegate the routine to AI and focus on providing a bigger impact by interpreting the results.

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