Automation is the top priority

A survey of 200 CFOs was recently conducted that resulted in some interesting data regarding the current and future state of the accounting and finance industry.  Here’s a few statistics from that survey:

  • 86% said the skills of their team must evolve for new roles played by data and analytics
  • Under 10% said that their processes are more than 75% automated
  • Over 30% said they planned to have 75% of their process automated

From just those numbers you can see that the industry is planning for BIG changes.

Based on this trend I have some questions for you

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  • Does your team have skills in data and analytics?
  • How much of your operation is currently automated?
  • How much of your operation would you like to be automated and by when?

Based on that information, you can put a plan in place to achieve these goals.  Don’t wait too long, your industry is in motion.

PS. For a link to the survey and related article click here.

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