The automatic competitive advantage

A survey from Deloitte tells us quite a bit about the advantages of adopting Intelligent Automation (IA).

Not only did participants in the survey report benefitting from a payback period of less than 12 months, but they also reported receiving an average of a 20% boost to their FTE capacity (full-time equivalent).

To better help you visualize this impact I’d like you to think about grouping your firm into teams of 5.  Now, imagine you could automatically give EACH of those teams one additional full-time employee.  How much of a game changer could that be for your firm productivity wise?


That’s the power of automation.  It consistently exceeds expectations.

Participants in the survey reported the following improvements from adopting automation:

  • 92% improved compliance
  • 90% improvement in quality and accuracy
  • 86% boost to productivity
  • 59% cost reduction


What does all of this add up to if your firm were to adopt automation?

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A strong competitive advantage.

According to another survey, 84% of firms adopt AI because it gives them a strong advantage over their competition.


Ask yourself, how much more profitable would your firm be if you had all of these benefits available to you?


PS. Read more about the survey from Deloitte and Statista.

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