Stop overthinking your solutions

People overthink solutions all the time.  Here’s one that still drives me crazy…

I live in Pennsylvania and in PA we need to get our cars inspected each year.  We also have a separate process for managing vehicle registration with the state which also includes paying fees.

The ‘drove me nuts’ part was that my inspection and registration would expire at different times causing problems. For example:

  • I can’t get an inspection with an expired registration
  • I can get a moving violation (ticket) for an expired inspection or registration
  • For a while, they expired at different intervals meaning one or the other was frequently expired

I couldn’t tell you how many times I had to scramble when trying to get an inspection or getting pulled over because my registration was expired.

I call this a goofy problem.  However, as goofy as it may be, it’s still a problem and if you add up all of the combinations of this problem it gets pretty expensive.

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  • Repair shops can’t perform inspections
  • Police officers have to pull people over
  • Everyone wastes tons of time

The ‘solution’ was too complex.  So instead how could we make it easier?

Well for one, they could simply the process by just making them automatically synced together.  When you need a new inspection you need a new registration.  Even better?  Why don’t we just add the registration fee to the inspection fee and bundle them together?

Don’t overthink the solutions to your problems.  If you do, you’ll just create more problems.

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