Stop burning out your team

There’s a vicious cycle in the accounting industry related to burnout.

The ‘busy season’ has your team pulling crazy hours (60-80+ hour weeks) to try and brute-force their way through a mountain of work.

So it should come as no surprise to learn that it’s one of the top reasons that people turnover at accounting firms or leave the industry altogether.

Combine that with the fact that there aren’t enough accountants to go around already and the industry has a BIG problem.


My question for you is what can you firm do about this to solve this problem in a better way?

It’s simple – stop burning people out.  The crazy hours is a weird cultural pattern established by the Big 4 and everyone has just followed along.  It’s not necessary.

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Your team is working crazy hours during ‘busy season’ because your processes are inefficient.  They’re spending most of their time on busy work that can either be partially or completely automated.


So stop crushing your team by making them do tons of repetitive work which burns them out and delivers low quality work product.  If you don’t, all you’ll be left with are lower margins and higher turnover.


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