Who doesn’t want to solve puzzles all day?

Remember when you were a kid and you used to love solving puzzles?  Why do you think you enjoyed that?

Perhaps it was because what you did then, isn’t what you do now…

People aren’t great at repetition.  Doing the same thing over and over again for hours can be boring and tedious leading to all kinds of mistakes.

People are generally good at problem solving.  Which means a lot of jobs in many industries could stand to be improved by automation.

I’m not just talking about increasing productivity, I’m talking about making the work more interesting and engaging for your team.

Would you rather follow the same steps all day everyday or be given a fun new problem to solve everyday?

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If your answer is the latter then you are ready for more automation in your life.

What are the most repetitive and error prone elements of your work?

Start putting time into thinking through how you might automate them to improve accuracy and save time while enabling yourself to solve more complex and fun to solve problems instead.

You loved solving puzzles because you were always facing a new challenge.  If your current work bores you then you need to take a page out of your childhood playbook.

Witness what happens to your productivity and engagement.

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