How to shift your mindset

I connect with many partners of accounting firms.  When it comes to automation and technology, many are excited by the possibilities.  At the same time, they are generally resistant to change and (even if they aren’t) want instant gratification.

I’m here to share that it doesn’t really work like that.


Think of it like building your dream home.  How quickly would this happen?

Probably not for at least a year.  That’s right.  You’re unlikely to see real value from this process for perhaps a year or more.

However, once the project is complete you’ll receive a ton of value immediately then each year, year after year potentially forever.


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You need a clear mindset and realistic expectations if investing in automation and technology are going to work for you and your firm.

If you aren’t there yet, wait until you are because it’s critical for these projects to go well.

Although, I wouldn’t wait too long.  The accounting industry is changing rapidly and I don’t want you to get left behind.


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