Are your service options flexibile?

As your company grows, you will likely develop different services to offer your clients.  As these become more specialized you should be managing these independently as separate service lines.

Let’s see what happens if you don’t.  I’ll use a CPA firm as an example.

Accounting firms may offer services to their clients related to bookkeeping, managing taxes and responding to audits.

These services could apply to very different types of clients based on any number of factors.

Now, if all of these services were only offered together it would make your firm far less attractive because you’d lack flexibility.

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Chances are many clients only need one of these services at any given point in time.  If a prospect needs help with bookkeeping, why would I spend time talking to them about audit?

Instead, we need to know what any particular client needs now and position ourselves as the best resource to solve that specific problem.  If we solve that well, and when they experience new problems, they are likely to come to us to solve that problem as well.

So manage and offer your services independently of one another.  It will make your firm more attractive and your offerings more flexible.

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