How to scale without hiring

We are in the midst of what’s being called The Great Resignation.  There are many factors involved, but what it means in general is that there are a record number of people that are choosing to quit their jobs and find something else.

It seems the pandemic has provided many people with a new perspective on what they want out of life and some have chosen to change that trajectory.

What this means for growing companies is that their recruiting challenges might be even bigger depending on a bunch of other factors.  Either way it’s changed again and hiring was never easy to begin with.

However, instead of exclusively looking towards hiring to grow your firm, I’d encourage you to consider an alternatively strategy – automation and technology.

Throughout the course of my career, I’ve helped countless firms do more with less which not only improves accuracy and efficiency, it also frees up critical resources to be dedicated elsewhere.

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It’s challenging and time consuming to find good help, but you probably already have a solid team.

Why not provide them with the tools and resources that they can use to do more with less and scale that way instead?

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