Reading efficiency hacking

I’m an automation consultant which means I’m always looking for creative new ways to do more with less :).

Recently I’ve been enjoying a relatively new app that has helped me improve the efficiency of my reading and I want to share it with you.

It’s called Blinkist and if you’re familiar with the old school version of cliff notes (or spark notes) then you’ll get the concept right away.

Blinkist reduces the time to read (or listen) to your favorite books down by upwards of 90-95%.

They summarize the key points made in the book down to a short list.


I’ll also let you in on how I leverage Blinkist.

Since the list of books I want to read is usually WAY longer than the amount of time I have to read them, I go to Blinkist before I choose which book to read next.

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If I feel I’ve gotten value out of the Blinkist version and I want to dive deeper, I’ll read the book.  Otherwise, I’ll move on to the next abbreviated version.


This is also for those of your out there that are planning July 4th travel plans.

Download the app, start a free trial and work your way through some new material during your journey.


Talk soon and Happy 4th!

Talk soon,

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