Keep your eye on the ball

When you played sports as a kid did you ever realize how coaches gave you instructions?

I remember hearing phrase like, ‘keep you eye on the ball’ and ‘make the catch first’ quite a lot.

Did you ever stop think about why that was?

I think it’s because we have a tendency to want to skip steps.  We’re so eager to get to the outcome – get a base hit or score a touchdown – that we don’t realize we’re not following the process correctly to actually get us there.

So why am I sharing this story?

Well, I see this tendency all the time in a different format.  Firms expect technology to solve all their problems.  They want that desired end state immediately – software and technology making their lives easier.

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However, what they don’t realize is there are steps that need to be followed to make this vision a reality.

First, you need an effective process.  Technology doesn’t build your process, it makes it more efficient.

If you want that future, you have to follow the steps to get there.

Remember – keep your eye on the ball.

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