Send a plant

When I first started working at The Vanguard Group many years ago, I had a chance to hear then CEO Jack Brennan speak to our small group of new hires.

He told us an interesting story about how if anyone tries to invite us to boring pointless meetings that we shouldn’t go to the meeting, but send a plant instead since it will serve the same purpose.

It was a funny thought, but he meant it.  I appreciated the effort to focus on productivity and prevent waste.


Take a look at your own operation.  Where is your team wasting time and stifling innovation?

Start by measuring the amount of people on your team that don’t participate during meetings.  Why are they there?  Better yet, if it’s not very interactive, should that even be a meeting?

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You’d be best served giving this time back to your team members to let them get back to being productive.  Otherwise they might just start sending plants.


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