Be better than ERP

Partners are always looking for ways to improve the productivity and efficiency of their firm.

The way this used to be done was by implementing the latest ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning system.

The way this should be done today is by leveraging IA or Intelligent Automation instead.


So why am I recommending your firm leverage IA instead of ERP?

It’s simple – IA can be implemented faster and more cost-effectively PLUS it will provide your firm with a drastically reduced payback period on your investment.


For decades now ERP projects have required more than just a massive digital transformation project.  Implementing an ERP system typically requires planning for a multi-year project that includes changes to the organization, people, process and payback periods that can only be measured in years (up to or beyond 5 years).

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IA (Intelligent Automation) has changed all of that.  Implementations are significantly faster and more cost-effective PLUS the payback periods are measured in months not years.


So if your firm is zeroing in on an Enterprise Resource Planning system in search of a productivity boost, I’d encourage you to refocus elsewhere – Intelligent Automation.


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