Not that kind of robot

Robotic Process Automation or RPA is increasing the leverage of firms everywhere.

Now more than ever your team can do more with less.  Properly utilized, RPA should enable your team to complete more work in less time.

With these are bold claims you might be interested to learn more about these ‘Robots’ and how they work.

First things first, these aren’t physical robots.  When most people think ‘Robot’ they think R2D2 or some kind of physical machine.



RPA doesn’t involve these kinds of robots.


The ‘Robot’ in Robotic Process Automation is actually software.  I know, the name could be better, but what’s really important is what it is and what it can do for your firm.

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Think of this robot as an agent.  This ‘agent’ is very similar to an application that runs on your computer that you can give instructions to complete tasks for you in an automated way.

A better way to think of an agent would be to compare it to something similar that you already know like Siri or the Google assistant.  These are also agents that you can train to complete tasks for you in an automated way.

When you ask Siri about the weather, she comes back with a full status report for you based on any number of factors – in a fully automated way.


The question I’ll leave you with for now is – how would you leverage Siri if you had access to one that was specifically designed to help you with your work?


PS. If you don’t know who R2D2 is read more here.

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