The no code revolution

The desire to automate is growing stronger across industries, but actually doing the work can be a bit more difficult.

Sometimes the simpler automation tools (like Zapier) may not go far enough to get you what you really need.


So how do you take automation further?

Well you could always build a custom application.

However, if you’ve ever heard me ‘wax-on’ about software development a few things you might take away from the conversation are that it can be very time consuming and expensive.

I’m a software engineer myself and I’m largely against this approach.


But, why shouldn’t you use custom code?

Simply because there are better options available to help you get the job done that are easier, faster and cheaper.  One type of tool has started a revolution to try and fill this void.  They are called no-code or low-code development tools.

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What is a ‘no code’ tool?

The concept behind no code tools is that you can build customized applications without needing to write any code.  Many of them are fully supported ecosystems that come with just about every feature you can think of right out of the box to provide you with the perfect workshop to get started.  Neat right?


Can you share an example of a no-code tool?

I thought you’d never ask.  One I’ve used to build several rather fully featured applications is called Bubble.  Bubble is a mature no code system that has many features built in to allow you to make BIG progress rather quickly.


PS. Read more about bubble and learn more about how to use it at their excellent academy.

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