Your firm’s brake job

I worked as a mechanic in high school.  I picked up some great life lessons plus a ton of analogies.

I was always a bit surprised at how people treat their cars (poorly).  However, can you guess the system most people make sure typically works well on their car?

The brakes.


Why is that?  Probably because it’s critically important.

At the same time, brake jobs also happen to be the most profitable for mechanic shops.  Why?

The parts are expensive and wear out relatively quickly.  The brake system is a relatively simple design because simplicity here helps with effectiveness.  As such, the procedures are fairly quick and easy to complete.

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So what does all this mean?

It means if we want to boost the profitability for your firm we need to find out what your ‘brake job’ is.  Start with where the revenue is high and the time spent is low.

Knowing your firm’s ‘brake job’ equivalent can help improve a lot more than just profitability.


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