Think fast!

It’s that time of year again!  I’m talking about everyone’s favorite season to hate tax season.  Have you done yours yet?

Plenty of us probably haven’t and many businesses probably haven’t even started.  The whole process can turn into a real mess.

What I want to ask is what impact does this have on our lives?  Does this cause us additional problems?

Well, I can think of a few.  For example, without a tax return many people can’t verify their income which means if they want to buy a home and need to borrow money then that process has to wait.

What if as a business owner you need to know how much profit you made last year so you can tax plan for end of year to try to make smarter decisions?  If you don’t have this information before the end of the year, you really can’t tax plan because those transactions need to be complete by Dec 31st.

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This list goes on and on because we often need to wait for information to make decisions, but what if it wasn’t this way?  What if you had information at the speed in which you make decisions?  How would this change things for you or your business?

This is what intelligent automation promises the world.  Instead of waiting for the information you need, you have it right away.

Think of some scenarios where you need to wait for information.  What could you do better or faster if you always had the information exactly when you need it?

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