Don’t make hiring harder

Years before the pandemic I was working as a software engineer at a company far enough away from my home that I was typically looking at a minimum of an hour commute by car each way.  It turned out I wasn’t alone.  Our entire team of 5-6 developers all had commutes that averaged at least one hour each way.

The leadership team was adamant that everyone had to work at the office in person and that remote work was NOT an option.

I quickly realized that our routine was one that could literally be done from anywhere.  We’d all drive an hour to the office each day, sit at our desk next to each other then start our work and use a chat application to communicate.  Eventually I took a step back and asked myself, why are we all here??

It turned out we were wasting collectively 50-60 hours per week in a car when doing literally anything else (including working) would have been more productive.

This was the biggest gripe from our team and eventually about 80% of our team turnover over because of this reason.  Otherwise, it was actually a great company to work for.


My work is largely focused on helping firms like yours increase your leverage without needing to hire more accountants, but you will occasionally need more people.

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My advice to you is to NOT make this any harder on your firm than it already is.  Hiring is more difficult and competitive than ever.  If you put silly archaic rules in place it’s only going to make your job that much harder.

Take a step back and objectively ask yourself, is there a part of the job your team does that can’t be done remotely?

I’m an efficiency expert and with today’s tools like zoom and slack pretty much anything can be done from pretty much everywhere.  If you aren’t leveraging this then your firm is missing out on WAY too many opportunities.


PS. Check out about zoom and slack.

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