Increasing leverage

When I used to work as a mechanic we would occasionally run into a bolt we needed to remove that wouldn’t budge with regular tools.

This led to us trying different strategies to get it to break loose by increasing our leverage.

Here’s a rather comical representation of solving this problem from a mechanic’s perspective.

increasing leverage

In this scenario, the more significant the tool, the greater the leverage and the higher the probability that the bolt will come loose and the problem will be solved.

The key here is that when our current strategy isn’t working to the level of performance we need, it’s on us to find a better approach.

What this really requires us to do is to adjust our strategy.

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If you take a step back and look at the work your firm is currently doing, ask yourself which tools you happen to be using that aren’t getting the job done?

Next you need to know what to do to find a better one.


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