Improving the employee experience

Yesterday, I wrote about how investing in improving your employees experience can boost your profitability by up to 400%.

Today, I want to talk about what your employees are actually looking for and how your firm can provide it for them.


Based on a study done by Mercer called Global Talent Trends, we know the key is to improve the day-to-day work experience.

This study found that high-performing employees are more likely to work for a firm that:

  1. Enables quick decision-making (81% vs 26%)
  2. Provides the tools and resources for them to perform their job at optimum efficiency (82% vs 30%)


How does your firm take advantage for this information to empower your team?

Audit your technology stack.  This means to evaluate the tools and resources your team currently has available to do their job as efficiently as possible.  Find out what is slowing them down and find the right tool or resource to fix that problem.

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Need help navigating a problem like this?

If you book a strategy session with me we’ll cover how to identify where your firm is lacking that is impacting the performance of your team.


PS. Read more about the Mercer study.

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