Improving operational efficiency

Even if you have tools that are effective at solving problems, your firm might be missing out on quite a bit of available opportunity to improve your operational efficiency.


A friend of mine is a contractor that remodels homes.  He completes a process regularly that’s referred to as ‘hanging drywall’.  This where the interior walls of home go up before they are finished and you can add you color choices of paint to style your home.

When finishing a room, you must complete a process to hide what’s referred to as the drywall seam.  This seam is a gap between two pieces of drywall.  See the image below to get a better idea of what I’m referring to.

drywall seam

Here you can see both the gap and the process required to ‘finish’ the drywall before you can apply paint.  This process requires applying a compound called ‘mud’, which is similar to spackle, then tape over the joint to hide it.

This process is tedious, time consuming and error prone which can lead to a ruining of the finish making it much harder for the room to look the way you want it once painted.  The point here is this process might be effective, but it’s not particularly efficient.

A different strategy might be to use what’s referred to as an automatic taper.  This is an all in one device that completes the step of applying the mud and the tape at the same time in rapid fashion.  This makes it much easier to do the job well AND dramatically cut down on the amount of time it takes.

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The point to this story is while the first strategy is effective the second is much more operationally efficient.

Chances are that your firm has processes and tools that are effective, but are not operationally efficient.

What can you do to identify these limitations and eliminate them?


PS.  Check out this video to see an automatic taper in action.

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