Hammer and nail

When you go to the doctor for something do they start off by trying to guess what you have?

What if when you first saw your Doctor each time you visited they asked you “Do you have strep throat??”

That wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense right?

It would probably make more sense to ask a few strategic questions first like “What brings you in today?” or “Where does it hurt?”.  For all they know, you could be there for help with treating a sprained ankle.

The point is, jumping to solutions, or worse only having one solution to offer you isn’t very helpful.  You need someone to identify the problem first then help you chose the best solution.


Unfortunately, I see a similar pattern quite often when it comes to firms looking for help with selecting new technology products.

Many technology providers only have one tool or “tech stack” that they offer.   You can think of a “tech stack” as one or more tools to complete only a specific type of job (think treatment for strep throat).  I call this the hammer and nail problem.  They only have a hammer so to them everything you have looks like a nail.

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The problem this causes is that your firm might not need THOSE tools.  You might need something else (think treatment for a sprained ankle).

As such, what your firm really needs is an unbiased approach towards the process (what a good Doctor would follow) to ensure your firm is matched with the right solution (think treatment option for your specific problem).

If your firm is reevaluating your technology tools and resources, I can help you ensure you get an unbiased perspective because I focus on strategy and providing you access to the right tools.  That enables me to have an entire workshop of tools that are constantly being upgraded to ensure I’m focused on finding the right tools for YOUR firm.


If you need help with this process, my firm roadmap service would be a great place to start.  To learn more about how it works, book time to speak with me about it.


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