Fix retention to fix recruiting

If you want to get from point A to point B via boat, it’s going to be MUCH harder if your boat is taking on water.

This is how I see problems with retention making recruiting problems worse.

If your turnover is high making retention worse than your recruiting effort is going to be that much harder as well.  They’re all linked.


So what’s the easiest way to stop the bleeding?

Both of these problems can be solved by upgrading the work your team does AND how they do it.

More than ever, your team wants to be full-filled in the work they do AND they want to be able to do it in flexible ways.


So what should my firm do to make improvements?

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To make their work more engaging – automate away the boring busy work.

To improve their work flexibility – adopt reasonable remote work policies.


If you don’t give your team what they want, they’ll leave.  If you don’t fix the problems that caused them to leave in the first place anybody else you bring in is likely to eventually leave as well.


PS.  Listen to a real-world example from a MP about what solving these problems looks like.

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