Boosting firm profit without hiring

Historically, accounting firms have grown almost exclusively through hiring.

I would argue that this strategy is only minorly effective and has NEVER been efficient.

However, today the return on this investment is even worse because hiring in the industry is harder than ever.


I’d like to advocate for a better strategy – boosting firm profit without hiring.

That’s right, my strategy will have your firm growing your profit without expanding your headcount.

If you do it right, you’ll be left with a dramatic improvement in both productivity and profitability.


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So how do you get started?

Well, I presented on this topic at the CPA FMA Connections conference just last week.

I’m also hosting an encore presentation today at 12 EST.  You can sign up for it here.


If you can’t make the presentation, I’d encourage you to get started with my free 5 day email course called Bottleneck Buster.


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