The professional shopper

In high school I worked as a cashier at a super market.

I thought the job would be easy, but wow I was wrong!  It was hard work (especially on Sunday) and good experience.


During training I learned about the ‘professional shopper’.  This was an affiliate of the store that would ‘test’ employees in a real-time exercise.

As such, they would go through the motions like a shopper and be evaluating your performance.

They’d notice if you didn’t follow procedure or had poor customer service skills (among others).  Later the store would get a report.

I can tell you that just the thought that each and every customer might be this elusive ‘professional shopper’ kept me on my toes.


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So why am I telling you this story?

Well, I’ve talked about client complaints from firms regarding customer service.

My challenge to you is how you might evaluate this for yourself to ensure quality control.


What might the equivalent of the ‘professional shopper’ look like at your firm?


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