Your team is NOT engaged

85% of employees are not engaged at work.  That number is shocking highly.


So what’s the impact of this incredibly high level of disengagement?

Lost productivity.  The consequences of disengagement globally is upwards of $7 trillion dollars in lost productivity.  This means a large portion of the people at your firm may simply be “going through the motions” when at work.  Ouch.

Many feel “indifferent” to your firm.  They are not your worst performers, but they certainly aren’t adding the kind of value they could.  They’ll do the time at work, but they aren’t putting forth their best effort or sharing their best ideas.  That’s a HUGE missed opportunity for your firm.


Why are so many employees feeling disengaged?

Your team likely comes to work wanting to make a difference, but no one asks them to use what their skills to improve your organization.  It’s also likely that even if they have this opportunity, they can’t take advantage of it because they are constantly buried in busy work.

If your team is overwhelmed by busy work then they won’t be able to make a more significant contribution.  You firm is wasting a TON of subject matter expertise on low-level repetitive work tasks that could be used to solve bigger problems.  This “routine” encourages your team to become disengaged by simply going through the motions.

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What can you firm do to change this and improve?

Automate some or all of the busy work slowing down your team.  Free them from the boring and routine busy work so they can focus on more complex and interesting projects that will add more value to your firm.  That would be a win all around.


Ask yourself, what’s the true level of engagement at your firm?  Could your team add more value if you automated their busy work?


PS. Gallup poll on employee engagement.

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