Effort vs impact

Years ago I had scratched a piece on my car that was dark in color.  The area of the scratch was now bright white.  It left a stark contrast that was ugly and obvious.

This part of my car being scratched and now ugly drove me nuts and because of that I HAD to fix it.  As such, I evaluated my options.

Option A, I could buy a new part and pay someone to install it which would mean big expenses and lost time with my car adding inconvenience as well.

Option B, I could simply ‘color in’ the scratched section on the car with a black marker to make it WAY less obvious.  At that point, most people probably wouldn’t even notice – including myself.

I ended up going with the option B.  I saved a TON of time and money plus I still solved the problem rather effectively.


I evaluated my options for solving the problem related to effort vs impact.  Option A was high impact, but also high effort (high cost, lost time, etc.).  Option B was quick, easy and cheap (free – I already had a pen).  As such, option B afforded me a low effort, high impact resolution.

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Your firm should constantly be on the lookout for low effort, high impact resolutions to your top problems.

The ROI (return on investment) your firm receives will be MUCH greater.


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