Don’t fight technology

Technology can evolve rather rapidly at times, but how you respond to these changes really matters.

Some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world have failed because they fought technology instead of embracing it.  When’s the last time you were in a BlockBuster or used a BlackBerry Phone?

In a recent conversation about a MedTech startup we talked about modern day wearables and in particular the impact they may have on the medical industry.

One of the people I was speaking with was a physician.  As we talked about the likely future of the industry and how wearables could provide Doctors with data they didn’t have access to before to help treat their patients, they expressed some frustration with this potentially developing trend. (summarized here with permission)

How do I know that you are the person who has been wearing the watch?  How do I know if you put the watch on your dog instead?

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I think what’s they really meant was that they were frustrated or tired with having to keep up with changes in technology.

Trust me, I get it.  I have a background as a software engineer.  A new programming language seemed to come out each week making it really hard to keep up.

However, I encourage you to maintain a forward thinking mindset as it pertains to technology.  It makes all kinds of interesting things possible, is a great opportunity to learn and could even save your company from going the way of BlockBuster or BlackBerry.

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