Stop confusing your clients

Last week I went into the hardware store because I needed weed killer.

When I spoke with the people upstairs they said what I needed was downstairs.  When I spoke with the people downstairs they said what I needed was upstairs.

Realizing I was now stuck in an infinite loop I decided to look around downstairs.

I found a product described as exactly what I needed.


I brought it over to the team downstairs and said what about this?

They told me I probably don’t have that kind of weed because it isn’t common around here.

So I pulled out my phone and showed them a picture and turned out that I did.

I ended up buying the product I found despite all the confusion and it worked for my needs.

Unfortunately the team at the store wasn’t much help.  I would have been better off going it alone or better yet somewhere else and I will next time.

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So what’s the point of this story?

Your team needs to be able to deliver a consistent message to your clients.

If you don’t have a well designed process, your clients could end up gettin the run around like I did.  You don’t want that because it leads to client turnover.


How can you evaluate the consistency and accuracy of the service your team provides to your clients?


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