Can I connect this system to that one?

Do you ever wish you ever wish that you could easily get two of your systems to talk to each other?  Would it make your life easier and require you to do less work?

For example, maybe you want your project management software  or calendar scheduler to talk to your chat application.  It could be helpful to get important notifications all in one place.

I experience these challenges all the time and the good news is there’s lots of workflow automation tools that can help us solve these problems.  A favorite of mine is called zapier.

Zapier allows you to connect anything to anything (assuming that zap is built).  A zap is a connector between two systems.

Using zapier is pretty straight forward.  First you find the right zap (connector) then you authorize each system in zapier so it can talk to both.

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Zapier even has advanced functionality allowing you to customize the input and the output.  Neat right?

Automation doesn’t have to be complicated.  There’s lots you can do with simple tools to make your life MUCH easier.

PS. I think it’s pronounced zap-ier and not zape-ier because the idea is zapier is made up of zaps.  How our tech tools are pronounced is always a fun side game us tech geeks play :).

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