Boosting the employee experience

I talk a lot about how Intelligent Automation can help boost the employee experience, but how much are we talking?

Well based on a study conducted by the authors of the book Intelligent Automation, we know the following:

  • 42% of employee activities can be automated
  • 32% of employee activities can be augmented
  • 26% of employee activities can be eliminated


OK, but what do each of these mean?

  • Automated – qualifies as boring busy work that shouldn’t be done manually
  • Augmented – with IA the impact can be greatly improved, think analytics to help with decision making
  • Eliminated – these tasks don’t have any impact and should be removed altogether


There’s tremendous potential to dramatically improve the employee experience which will also provide your firm with a major boost in productivity.

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PS. Read more in the book Intelligent Automation.

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