Bad tech turns away clients

Yesterday my partner and I tried to sign up for a free trial offered by a local gym.

After waiting for about 20 minutes for someone to help us we met a very nice person that was trying their best to be helpful.  I’ll call this person V (names protected).

V asks us to fill out a short form which we did then to download an app which we’ll use to access the gym.  Being a tech person I was excited by the proposition.

Long story short, the ‘app’ was an absolute mess.  Not only was there no way to create an account, the user interface was horrible and the one error code was just a hilarious message written as ‘NO’.  No wonder the app had such poor reviews in the app store.

We ended up leaving without being able to start the free trial which could cost that gym hundreds if not thousands of dollars in lost revenue…due to bad technology.  Apparently others felt the same way.  Read only a sampling of the reviews below to see what I mean.


Reviews from the App Store
This app is terrible. It takes forever to load. Clicking on a time to sign up for a class is almost impossible. The space to click is so small you need a toothpick…it’s awful.

If we hadn’t checked our bank statements this stupid app would’ve kept charging me for who knows how long and gladly take my money. Do not use it!!!

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The point is the tech your firm chooses to use (or not) might be turning clients away.  This might look like clients being frustrated having to jump through cumbersome hoops to use the bad technology you selected (like the example above) or if you required them to do things manually that are now commonly completed relatively easily with proper technology that you don’t have.

If this might be your firm, you need to address is NOW because revenue is walking out the door possibly forever.


PS.  Read reviews for the app.

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