Automation will make your team stronger

Some people are fearful of what adopting automation and artificial intelligence (AI) will mean for their jobs.  However, the focus in many industries is on augmentation NOT replacement.

I’ll use an example from the professional services industry.  CPA firms offer audit services as part of their value add to their clients.  This is to ensure their company’s financial data is accurate.

Typically, this work involves pouring over countless financial reports to look for anomalies in the data that need to be corrected.  As you may or may not know, this work is time consuming, tedious and error prone.

The latest industry based AI tools however are exceedingly proficient at this type of work.  These tools can be trained to know what to look for and search much more quickly and comprehensively than a human ever could.

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In this scenario the objective is NOT to replace the human.  The objective is to allow the human to focus on more complicated work that requires experience and nuance such as interpreting the results for their clients.

The major value add here is that the most time consuming and error prone step in the process can now be automated, giving back a large percentage of the time and enabling people to do WAY more higher quality work with a much smaller team.

This is an example of what intelligent automation can do for a company.  It can benefit you too.  To find out how you can do more with less, start by thinking of the most time consuming and repetitive work that you need to do everyday.

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