Automating the spreadsheet

We’ve been hearing for years about the coming wave of automation and what it will do for various industries, but the reality is major disruption still takes years or even decades in some instances.

As such, key tools being used by many firms on a daily basis are going to be around for a while.  One such example is the spreadsheet.

While spreadsheets are unlikely to be completely replaced in the near future, there are already enhanced versions of the spreadsheet on the market as well as effective ways to automate much of what you probably do with spreadsheets.

Let’s see some examples.



An example of a new and improved spreadsheet would be Airtable.  You can think of Airtable as a spreadsheet on steroids.  It’s designed to give you more power around what you want to do with your data – including connecting it to anything.  Airtable makes your old spreadsheet look like a dinosaur.


UI Path

Taking automation further, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools like UI Path enable you to automate just about anything when it comes to spreadsheet operations.  Want to automate data in or out of a spreadsheet?  How about sending that data to another system?  All of these are possible with RPA tools like UI Path.

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I’ll be diving deeper into each tool (and more) to show you all kinds of cool new tricks.

If you want to help me help you, hit reply and tell me what you need to connect.  That will give me a better idea how to shape future examples.


The spreadsheet isn’t going away, but it is evolving.


PS. Learn more about Airtable and UI Path.

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