When you should automate it

I have a background as a software engineer, but my specialty has always been automation.

There’s a running joke amongst folks who are the most dedicated to the craft of writing software and it goes like this…

“If I have to do it more than once, I’ll automate it!”

It’s true.  Not only have I seen it, I’ve lived it and it’s a powerful tool, but how and when should this apply to you if you’re running a company that offers services?

It all starts with process.  If you’ve mapped out your process and it delivers results consistently, then you’ve achieved effectiveness with that version of the process.

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However, if that process is not being completed fast enough then it’s time to take a closer look.

At this point, you should focus on making the process more efficient and that’s where introducing software, technology and automation can provide a big boost.

Focus on the slowest steps of your key processes that are critical for delivering your services to your customers and clients.  If they are too slow, then they are great candidates for automation.

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