How to automate anything

Back when I used to write code everyday as a software engineer I carried around a particular philosophy with me about automation – if I had to do something more than once, I’d automate it.

This take on the topic is intended to make a point.  Automation is powerful and can provide us with a TON of value.

I’ve used automation strategies to implement technologies that have saved (and generated) millions of dollars and evolved entire workflows for countless firms.

However, for people that don’t have a hardcore technology background (like me), it might be less obvious how these technologies can help them.


How can industries like finance & accounting receive the benefits from automation if they don’t have a background in technology?

With Robotic Process Automation or RPA for short.  RPA is a subset of Business Process Automation or BPA for short.

All you really need to know is that RPA is a specifically designed technology to enable you (regardless of industry) to automate anything.

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Creating a bunch of help desk tickets, need a bunch of information from your ERP system or perhaps you need to create a bunch of invoices?

It really doesn’t matter what you need to do, if it’s time-consuming and repetitive, chances are RPA can help you automate it relatively easily.


Ask yourself, if you could automate all the time-consuming busy work at your firm how much could you grow your profitability with the team you already have?


PS. Read more about RPA here.

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